3 Tips to Develop and Maintain Your Corporate Blog

  1. Have a reason to blog. Every blog needs a target audience; your corporate blog will be no different. Know what type of blog you want to create and what kind of content you will be providing. Give people a reason to visit your blog, and even more importantly, give them a reason to revisit it.
  2. Analyze your blog.Chances are your blog will not be perfect on your first attempt. You will need to revisit your blog and revisit it often. Analyze your blog; look at what content is being widely accepted. Always try to speak to your target audience while striving to retain new customers as well. Return often and see what needs improving.
  3.  In The article entitled, “10 Ways to Avoid becoming a Content Robot,” published on Small business trends, the writer gives us this great advice, “Don’t mask your passion.” Write about your passion. Your readers will relate to you if they know you support and are passionate about what you are writing. In a corporate perspective, be passionate about what you are selling and the business you are performing. Let your customers know of the belief you have in your corporation. If you don’t believe in it, no one else will.

Read my next post to find an example of a corporate blog that has utilized all these tips and more!


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