Pros and Cons of Blogging

Blogging from an organizational marketing perspective includes both pros and cons. Blogging can have a great effect on business, but it is also a demanding task. Let’s start with the positives.

  1. Blogging can be a great way to increase traffic for your company’s website. This increase in traffic will ultimately build brand recognition, something companies are always striving for, and allow companies to connect with more potential clients. In the article entitled, “Your 10-Step Guide to Blogging” found here,, it explains that having your blog under the same domain as your website will allow you to “get more (search engine optimization) SEO value out of the content of your blog…Having your blog hosted under the same domain name as your site will add all of your blog content to your site content when search engines determine where to place your site in the rankings.”
  2. Blogs that help increase traffic to your company’s website can turn into an increase of customer leads. A blog helps to transfer this increased traffic to increased leads. A blog allows you to both retain loyal customer and create new ones. The content in each blog post should be aimed at generating new ideas and establishing credibility.

Now let’s look at the cons,

  1. Blogs are time intensive. Creating a blog is one thing, but maintaining it is another story. Blogs require new content. Without new posts, traffic will dwindle, and the benefits of your company will be forgotten. The time needed to maintain a blog can be considered a con to a company who simply does not have the time.
  2. Writer Block. Good blogs require new ideas and should always be generating credibility for your company. Not only does this take time, but it takes mental stamina. It’s hard to always come up with new material to write about, and a blog is something that can be pushed to the side in the midst of other responsibilities.

In order to combat these cons, read my next post that includes 3 tips to develop and maintain your corporate blogs!


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