Best Facebook Page: Stella & Dot

I chose Stella & Dot, a jewelry retail and consumer merchandise company, as the best business Facebook page. I was initially impressed by this business because they have relied on word-of-mouth marketing to promote their business. Facebook has been an important platform for these motives. Stella & Dot have turned a regular Facebook page into something that looks stylish and classic. They use high quality pictures, videos, and fonts. Their color scheme adds to the luxurious jewelry that they sell.

As part of their marketing objectives, Stella & Dot relies partly on hired “stylists” to promote their brand. These “stylists” can be you and me! Stella & Dot hires those who are interested to sell and promote their brand. Their hired stylists have the options to sell online or at their own homes with trunk shows. This furthers the word-of-mouth promotion that Stella & Dot was founded on. This is a great marketing tool because Stella & Dot prides themselves on empowerment, giving women the power to do what they love. This builds a great connection with their customers, and by having their customers sell the brand, they are greatly expanding their target audience and increasing their brand recognition and loyalty. This marketing objective can be found all throughout their Facebook page. They offer special deals and discounts to those who sign up to be a stylist.

Stella & Dot also showcase different promotions on their Facebook page. Right now they are promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, a wonderful cause. Promoting this kind of cause makes the brand seem more meaningful and authentic to women everywhere. I was thoroughly impressed by the engagement and conversation that Stella & Dot had right on their Facebook page. Their customers will comment about how much they enjoy the pieces, and Stella & Dot takes time to reply to several of their comments thanking them for their support and business and asking them further questions about their experience with the brand.

Stella & Dot has such a successful Facebook page because they have made their brand seem personable. They know who their target audience is, and they are genuinely interested in their interests. They find many ways to engage and connect with their customers and have even given them a chance to be a part of their brand and help sell and promote their beautiful jewelry. Stella & Dot gives its customers a brand that they can be a part of and a brand they can be proud of.

Here is the link to their Facebook page!


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