Twitter for Businesses

Businesses have been using Twitter in a variety of ways. Kill Cliff, a “lifestyle nutrition company,” used Twitter to enhance engagement and communication of their brand to their customers. They used short tweets and relevant images that targeted their audience and asked questions on twitter in order to “create a sense of community” with their customers. They found that by raising questions in their tweets and sharing relevant images, they received at 33.4% peak engagement rate. Ferguson, a wholesale distributor used Twitter chats to further connect with potential customers, and they also ran a followers campaign using Twitter ads. Ferguson found a 3000% increase in new account followers. They used different tools like a call-to-action in their tweets. They challenged their followers with the statement “follow us,” and then gave them specific benefits they would gain from following. They tweeted things like, “follow us to see how we combine our unique resources with your design expertise to help bring your client’s vision to life.” They gave potential customers specific reasons to follow them which greatly maximized their results. Brands are also using keyword targeting in order to reach their target audience. Check I’m Here, a software company, used keyword targeting which enabled them “to find their target audience….[and] provided an opportunity to connect with them at a time when they were likely to be receptive to learning about new professional tools and services.”

In my research, I found a company that I think does a great job on building their brand on Twitter. Ikea has a twitter account that seeks to build their brand authority and engage with their target audience. On Ikea’s twitter page they state, “Sharing the latest design tips & inspiration from the Life Improvement Store. Tweet us if you like what you’re reading!” They seek to target their audience by sharing relevant information and tips about their products and then encourage their followers to tweet them. Ikea also does a great job at engaging with their customers on Twitter. They give their customers opportunities share pictures of how they have designed a space. They also keep their customers up to date on new store openings and arrivals of new items. Upon my research, I found that they also engage with their customers by responding to their customer’s tweets. Ikea does a great job of building their brand authority and engaging with their customers, and they have successfully done all of this on Twitter. They give their customers opportunities to share what they love about Ikea’s products and are constantly giving them design tips to better improve their homes and lives.


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