Mobile Marketing

According to Marketing Tech Blog, “the average American spends almost 2 hours each day on a mobile device.” (Article can be found here, ). Many companies have started to define themselves as first a mobile businesses, and more and more businesses are adopting mobile marketing strategies.

So what is mobile marketing? 60 Second Marketing gives a great definition of mobile marketing. They say, mobile marketing is “the set of techniques and practices that enable organizations to connect and engage with their audience in an interactive manner through any mobile device” (Read the full article here, Businesses pursue this mobile marketing through mobile websites, apps, and ads. There are many advantages to mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing has much higher conversion rates than that of traditional marketing. Another advantage of mobile marketing is its cost. Mobile marketing costs much less than traditional marketing. Mobile marketing also allows for much easier engagement between a business and its target audience. Customers can easily reply to an ad or campaign right from their mobile device.

Domino’s is a great example of a business that is excelling at mobile marketing. Mobile Commerce Daily gives us the statistic that, “35% of [Domino’s] $2 billion in global digital sales [come] from mobile.” (Read full article here,  Domino’s has a great mobile app that allows customers to order online, save their favorite orders and billing information for quick access, and they even have a “Pizza Tracker” that allows customers to track the exact location of their order at all times. This mobile marketing gives consumers quicker service and boosts sales and customer loyalty for Domino’s.


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